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Lexington UMC is a friendly and welcoming community of faith for people of all ages.  As disciples of Jesus Christ we gather to hear God’s word, to enjoy Christian fellowship, and to grow in faith. We hear the call of God to minister in the name of Jesus Christ to a hurting and needy world.  We are glad you are here!
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Ice Cream Theology

Ice Cream Theology

Dear Church Family,

Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Well, it looks like summer is over. Our schools are now up and running and our students are hard at work once again.  However, I have a summertime related question for you, and it’s a pretty sweet one at that.  What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

National surveys show that vanilla is the number one ice cream flavor by far.  My guess, therefore, is that most of you will agree with the vanilla crowd…even if it’s a little plain and boring.  I personally like cookies n’ cream, coconut fudge, and triple chocolate, but that’s just my opinion (although it’s a good opinion).  You may have a favorite brand of ice cream as well and I’d be willing to go as far as to say that it’s probably from that little creamery down the road in Brenham.  However, you may be one of those who do not like ice cream all that much in the first place, for whatever reason, and I can respect that.  Everyone has their own tastes after all…

That brings me to the subject of Christian belief.  You see, I really think that what we believe, in terms of our faith, is a lot like ice cream.  Our beliefs probably change over time just like our tastes for ice cream.  This is because our faith is meant to grow and change and perhaps even pull back from time to time.  What you believe now, and how you believe it, and why you believe it, has likely changed over the course of your life, and it will continue to change.  Your “tastes” will change, and that’s the way it is supposed to be.

Now, many ice cream stores usually have a flavor of the month (or week, or day, etc.).  It’s whatever flavor they are trying to get the people to try out during a particular period of time.  The term “flavor of the month” has therefore come to connote anything that is currently, but only temporarily, popular.  That being said, hopefully our beliefs aren’t “flavor of the month” type beliefs.  We shouldn’t try to devote ourselves to whatever is popular at the time when it comes to what we believe as Christians.  Just because some cool pastor on the television is telling you that Jesus wants you to be rich and successful and famous doesn’t mean that you need to spend your next paycheck on that pastor’s latest best seller.  What we believe should be developed over time through Bible study, prayer, and while in fellowship with other Christians. 

We are about to start an adventure (in sermons), which I call Ice Cream Theology.  Each Sunday we will take a look at a different Christian doctrine, which will correspond with a particular flavor of ice cream.  Yes, I’m serious and you will see what I’m talking about once we get started.  And in case you were wondering…God, the Father, is Homemade Vanilla.  I invite you to pull out your favorite bowl and spoon and get ready for a few scoops of Christian belief.  You might even find a new flavor that you have never tried before.

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways,

Pastor Michael


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